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Efforts to Increase the Number of Ships Aged by
PT. Buana Lintas Lautan TBK Tanjung Priok Branch

 AGENG PERMADI S.Si.T . (2019) Efforts to Increase the Number of Ships Aged by
PT. Buana Lintas Lautan TBK Tanjung Priok Branch


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    Indonesia is a country that has high economic potential. As an ocean-dominated country, it is fitting that
    the economy does not only rely on the land sector. By having thousands of islands, sea transportation has
    become an alternative as a connecting element to reach island by island. Therefore, transportation
    services have an important role in trade traffic in Indonesia. Trade in goods and services is transported
    through sea transportation, namely ships, so the role of shipping companies in increasing domestic and
    foreign trade needs to be constantly developed. One of the shipping companies in Indonesia, the company
    where I practice is PT. Buana Listya Tama, which was founded in 2005, then changed its name to PT. Buana
    Lintas Lautan in 2018. The company began its work in the shipping industry by operating 9 (nine) oil
    tankers. In addition, the company also provides agency services for foreign and national vessels in
    accordance with applicable regulations in Indonesia, among others, for processing documents, using port
    facilities, providing fuel, clean water, spare parts, repair services and others. Because the agency is a
    service company that relies on good service, especially in terms of service when the ship arrives and exits,
    where service is hampered, causing the ship to have to wait and hinder the process of vessel anchoring at
    the port so that it disrupts the loading and unloading process, which results in an increase in ship costs at
    the port. This will affect the quality of company services due to delays in processing documents, thereby
    reducing competitiveness between companies in similar business fields and also resulting in poor marketing
    of agency services.

    Keywords: : Agency, Service, Analysis SWOT

    Item Type: Article
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    Subjects: Manajemen Transportasi Laut
    Divisions: Manajemen Transportasi Laut
    Depositing User:  AGENG PERMADI S.Si.T
    Date Deposited: 06 Juni 2021 22:11
    Last Modified: 06 Juni 2021 22:11
    URI: https://poltekpel-banten.ac.id/project/efforts-to-increase-the-number-of-ships-aged-by-pt-buana-lintas-lautan-tbk-tanjung-priok-branch/

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