Sustainaible Ocean LIVELIHOODS are critical to our survival.
Everyone has role to play in ecosystem and restoration. Each of us can make a difference.
Therefore, our role is essential to protect the marine environment. There are millions ecosystem life under water.
Plastic is one biggest problems for our oceans, threat the marine biodiversity. We have to take action! Together.
As one of Maritime Education Training in Indonesia🇮🇩, under the Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia.
Banten Merchant Marine Polytechnicâš“ (P2B) continously and concern to improve the quality of education and protect the marine environment.
We encourage all of us do not throw plastic trash into the oceans.
Oceans is our future
Oceans is a part of our life
Let’s together with us to celebrate World Oceans Day with small action with big impact to our oceans.
Nothing is impossible ! We are agents of changes with global impact to the marine environmeent.
Jangan buang sampah plastik kelautan! Ayo kita lindungi lautan kita dan jutaan ekosistem didalamnya kita semua adalah agen perubahan bagi dunia.